P-T Simulation for over-Heating Oil Damper
Ver. 3.3

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○  Parameter Setting.
Structure of Vessel Figure of structureSee this page.
  Length of Inside Lmm   Wall Thickness ΔD/2mm
  Inner Diameter Dmm   Rod Diameter Dimm
  DiamterDcmmm   Length Lcmmm
  Initial position Lcm0mm
  Max Pres. desg. PmaxMPa   Min Pres. desg. PminMPa
Content Volume VLiters   Add-volume VoptLiters
Material of Vessel
     This pages have a properties, like linear expansion coeeficient, Young modulus, Poisson ratio as the functions of P and T.
  These parameter values are shown in.
Reserve tunk  volume of Reserve VresLiters
Air volume in VesselLiters
Kind of Oil Properties of OilsYou can show the explanation in this page.
  Initial Temp.oC   Initial PressureMPa
  Initial solubility of airmg/kg   ratio of solubility--
Leak simulation   diameter of holemm
  break temperatureoC   break pressureMPa
     Default values of parameters are used in simulation. When you need to use other values, Please contact me.
Temperature of EndoC Pressure of EndMPa
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